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Amazing Feedback

At Parker-Douglas Insurance, we exceed expectations.

A culture of doing the right things.

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Anyone can promise great service, but not everyone can deliver it. At Parker-Douglas Insurance, we’ve built a culture around doing the right things. But don’t just take our word for it. Read these client testimonials to see exactly what we mean.

I can't recommend Jeff enough! He saved us a lot more than I expected; he provides great customer service and is always responsive to whatever questions we have. Most importantly, he has earned my trust, and when it comes to who you insure with, that means everything. I feel fortunate to work with Parker-Douglas!

Logan S.

Jeff was wonderful in helping us get a homeowner's policy in place in a short time frame to help us meet our closing deadline for our new home. While he was at it, he ended up finding an auto insurance policy that is going to save us a ton of money each year. Thank you for your efficient and good work!

Sarah M.

Jeff was amazing! Not only did he save me money on both my home and auto, but he also improved the coverage. Now I insure all six of my properties and two vehicles through Parker-Douglas. I would recommend them to anyone.

Andrew C.

Jeff has done a fantastic job taking care of all of my insurance needs. He is responsive, smart, has walked me through all my needs, and has had me covered every time I've needed it. I can recommend him for home, auto, and an umbrella policy as that is what I have with him.

Max S.

Jeff has been great to work with! Responsive, professional, and knowledgeable.

Brian D.

I've worked with Jeff Smith at Parker-Douglas for well over five years. He has always been very responsive to my questions about the policies we have with PDI. They have some great underwriters that they work with, and hopefully, they will continue to add some more.

Scott C.

Jeff was very methodical and did a phenomenal job. He took me through my new policy step-by-step and got me a great price. I would recommend Parker-Douglas to friends and family.

Ryan D.

Tyler is great! Everyone I’ve had interactions with at the agency has been knowledgeable and responsive. I would highly recommend Parker-Douglas Insurance.

Kristine D.

Jeff continues to amaze me. This guy goes above and beyond relentlessly. There is absolutely no reason to use anyone else. Jeff saves me money and keeps all my policies in order. Thanks, Jeff. Any company would be lucky to have someone as dedicated as you are!

Kris J.

Jeff is amazing. He's always responsive to our needs even when he is on travel or out of the office. He is extremely knowledgeable about the insurance industry and always provides the right solution for our needs.

Daniel G.

Jeff Smith is the best insurance agent I've ever used. Not only was he the best price of the other agencies I'd quoted, but he also had the most comprehensive knowledge of what I needed out of my policies for the best protection. I'd highly recommend Jeff to my closest friends and family.

Matt R.

This agency was very helpful for my insurance needs. They have great customer service and are very responsive!

Nicole V.

My agent at Parker-Douglas helped make sure I was getting all the applicable coverage and made sure I was protected against things that I didn't know much about (e.g., sewer main, roof, etc.) in a very easy, low-stress conversation. He also helped me bundle my home and auto policies, and makes sure I get all the discounts that apply. Thanks, Jeff!

Sarah C.
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